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More vignettes from inside the world of ArtPop!

Meet Alice, the mannequin. She doesn't like standing around in the same old thing for too long, so she'll try out a new look every now and then. Behind her, you'll notice Newport Toile curtains and pillows.

On display are several pieces by Italian painter, Bruno Casetta, as well as a catalog of some of his other works. His colorful oils illustrate the lively warmth of his native country.

You can find paintings peeking out from behind antique furniture complemented by ornate fringed pillows.

Through the mirror, you can sense the light of the space, with a hint of some of the smaller items, like glasses, vases, pitchers and saucers that are a delight to happen upon as you wander around.

Although the theme is Italy (for now), there's a bit of artistic license at work here. The look and feel of the assemblage by a local Rhode Island artist, fits seamlessly with the  Italian work.

Welcome to ArtPop!

ArtPop, located on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, RI, is the creation of artist's representative, Linda Lachapelle.

It's an expansion on the concept of an art gallery. Rather than exhibiting only the work of the artists represented, the entire space is filled with objects that complement that work.

From time to time, the theme of the space changes, along with the objects. Currently, the inspiration for the theme is Italy.

The collection consists of a wide variety of pieces, including sculpture, textiles, furniture, tableware, books and more. They're artfully arranged in color groupings, with something to discover in every nook and cranny.

A visit to ArtPop is an experience that lets you immerse yourself in both the work of artists and artisans. Clicking through the slideshow offers you just a taste of what you'll find.

ArtPop will be moving in the near future to another location in Newport. More news on that soon.